World Judo Day 2023: Bring a Friend


In the spirit of camaraderie and growth, 28th October marks a special day in the global Judo community – World Judo Day. This annual celebration serves as a powerful reminder of the values that bind us together, transcending borders, backgrounds and abilities.

The theme for this year’s World Judo Day of ‘Bring a Friend’ perfectly complements the ethos of British Judo and its values. It’s an invitation, not just to seasoned practitioners, but to every member of the Judo family to introduce someone new to the sport. It’s an opportunity for the community to grow, learn, and bond; fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome, included and valued.

British Judo’s recent acquisition campaign, strategically designed to support clubs in acquiring new members, dovetails seamlessly with the ‘Bring a Friend’ initiative. We recognise that the strength of British Judo lies in thriving clubs; each one a hub of passion, dedication, and learning. By inviting friends, family and acquaintances to experience the unique joys of Judo, we not only expand the community but, also offer a fresh perspective on the enriching benefits the Martial Art brings.

Judo is not just a Martial Arts. It is a way of life, a philosophy and what could be better than sharing all of this with as many people as possible? So, bring a friend!

How to Participate

Here’s how you can participate in the ‘Bring a Friend’ initiative:

Extend the Invitation: Reach out to your network, inviting them to join you on the tatami for a session of Judo. Emphasise the sense of community, discipline, and physical activity that Judo provides.

Celebrate Together: On World Judo Day, come together with your friends and fellow practitioners to celebrate the joy of Judo. Share stories, experiences, and commemorate the spirit of unity that defines the community.

Capture the Moment: Document your ‘Bring a Friend’ experience through photos or video, and share them on social media using the hashtags #BringAFriend and #Blitz.

Support Their Judo Journey: For those new to the Martial Art, offer your support and guidance. Share your experiences, offer tips, and encourage them throughout their journey.

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Join Us!

Join us as we celebrate World Judo Day via our social media platforms! Whether with your a Martial Arts club, family or friends, tag and interact with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to show us how you’ll be celebrating and ‘bringing a friend’ this week.

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