Ultimate Gift Guide for a Martial Artist


It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is almost upon us and if you haven’t started your shopping, now’s your chance to make that list and check it twice!

We know how troublesome it can be to choose a gift for a Martial Artist, so we’ve done the work for you. If you aren’t sure what special gift to buy your student, Martial Arts instructor, training partner, friend or loved one – don’t worry – Blitz is here to help.

1. Personalised Embroidered Belt

Make your gift truly special with our range of personalised Martial Arts belts. We have options for aspiring Martial Arts students progressing through the ranks where, we can embroider on all grade colours. Or, if you’re an accomplished black belt, check out our premium black belt design choices to add a meaningful touch to a well earned belt.

Our Personalised department allows you to create a belt that is unique to the recipient and, that reflects their accomplishments and dedication to their Martial Arts practice.

2. Belt Display or Belt Presentation Box

A beautiful, and very thoughtful, gift to inspire, motivate and to keep a Martial Artist hungry to improve and increase their rank. Martial Artists spend years of hard work and dedication to progress through various belt ranks. A belt display provides them the opportunity to showcase their achievements, serves as a constant reminder of their goals and motivates them to continue working hard to earn higher ranks. Along with a Belt Presentation Box, this gift is perfect for storing or preserving a belt too.

3. New Martial Arts Gi

Whether a child is growing or, a Gi is worn from intense training sessions throughout the year, you can never go wrong with a brand new and fresh Martial Arts Gi. Our collection of uniforms are designed for a variety of Martial Arts disciplines, from Karate and Judo, to Jujitsu and Kung Fu. A luxury gift, our suits are available in a range of sizes, weights and styles for all preferences, ages and abilities. Keep an eye on our newest additions too!

4. Barricade Strike Shield

Looking for a multi-functional strike shield, that’s ideal for conditioning kicks, punches, elbows and knees? Then look no further! Our Barricade Strike Shields are designed for speed work, tight movements and accurate strikes. With conveniently placed handles and adjustable straps, this shield allows for a variety of Martial Arts techniques and styles of training to be practiced. Available in sizes small, medium or large, with either a flat or curved strike area, this gift is a wonderful choice for any Martial Artist perfecting their skills at home or at the club.

5. Circular Focus Pads

Focus pads provide numerous physical and mental benefits, can be shared with others, and are suitable for various fitness levels. These qualities make them an excellent gift choice for anyone interested in fitness, Martial Arts, stress relief, or personal development. Being versatile and portable, they can be taken to the gym, used outdoors, or even used at home with minimal setup. The perfect gift for anyone looking to diversify their fitness regime.

Our Circular Focus Pads, in particular, are our starter option that covers both children and adults. However, if you are looking for specific focus pad options, we have plenty to choose from depending on age and ability at Blitz.

6. New Pair of Gloves

Boxing gloves are an essential item for any boxer or Martial Artist. You can never have too many when training or competing numerous times throughout a week! For practicality, durability, hygiene or, even just an upgrade, a new pair of gloves is an incredibly thoughtful and premium gift.

A new pair of boxing gloves can serve as a motivation boost for both experienced boxers and beginners. At Blitz, we have a huge selection to choose from for kids and adults. Multiple colours, designs and weights are on offer to help you select the best option.

7. Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are a versatile gift and an essential piece of equipment used by a variety of Martial Artists, not just combat sports athletes. Athletes wear wraps most times they train or compete and, often need to replace them regularly due to wear and tear. Gifting hand wraps ensures that the recipient will have a new (or spare) pair when needed. It is also a brilliant stocking filler!

8. Break Boards

Ideal gifts for kids, Martial Arts clubs and for inspiring confidence in younger students when training to punch and kick solid objects! Break boards can serve as a practical, challenging, and symbolic gift for Martial Artists, promoting skill development, mental strength, and a sense of achievement. A traditional present, break boards can represent the respect and admiration for the Martial Artist’s dedication and commitment to their practice.

9. Superflex Sports Shoes

A shoe that does everything for a Martial Artist – without even knowing you’re wearing shoes! Much like socks, the lightweight, stretchy material moulds to the shape of your foot perfectly, giving you the freedom of movement to perform any Martial Arts technique. Non-slip rubber sole, incredibly flexible, quick-drying, breathable shoe that can bend, roll and fold, whilst retaining its shape after use. This multifunctional shoe can also be worn for yoga, swimming, snorkelling, diving, kayaking, boating, beach walking and other water sports. What is not to love?

10. Discipline Hooded Top

A very special gift for Martial Artists to subtly showcase their passion and dedication to their Martial Art at the club or for casual wear. Our hoodies include Karate, Judo, Taekwondo or Kickboxing designs, which helps establish a strong sense of identity and pride among practitioners. Perfect for keeping muscles warm and limber after a training session or a cool evening, these hoodies are a practical, comfortable, and meaningful gift for Martial Artists; allowing them to express their passion, feel motivated, and strengthen their sense of belonging within the Martial Arts community.

Looking for more inspiration?

Look no further! Browse our full online Christmas shop, exclusively designed for Martial Artists. We have curated a collection of unique gifts and equipment that will delight any Martial Arts enthusiast or fitness fanatic. Whether you are shopping for yourself, student, training partner or a loved one who practices Martial Arts, our shop has something for everyone!

Also, read our latest blog – Blitz Christmas Shop Now Open! – where we dissect our online holiday shop categories to offer more inspiration and gift ideas!

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