The Basic Judo Throws | Blitz Sport

The Basic Judo Throws | Blitz Sport

13 Aug, 2018

Looking to overrule your Judo opponents with good techniques, power and strength? If you’re a beginner and are looking for basic Judo throws to learn, keep on reading!

We’ve gone through 10 basic Judo throws to get you on your way to becoming a serious Judoka.

1. O Soto Gari

The O Soto Gari is one of the most basic throws in Judo. When executed properly, the opponent is thrown backwards on the floor. You start this throw by facing your opponent; then, when they step forward with their right foot, you pull them gently onto it. As you do this, place your left foot outside their right foot to push them off balance; then, using your left hand, pull them towards you and, with your right hand, push them backwards.

Raise your right leg and aim to hit your opponents’ thigh from behind as hard as you can with your own thigh. As you do this, pull down on your opponent with your left hand and push down hard with your right hand; this should make your opponent fall directly backwards.

2. O Goshi

The O Goshi throw is a basic hip throw which involves pulling your opponent onto your hip and throwing them down in front of you. To begin, start in the traditional Judo grip and move your right foot so it turns in front and to the inside of your opponent’s right foot. Then, take your left foot and repeat the process, so step in front and to the side of your opponent’s left foot. Both of your feet should now be inside your opponent’s feet.

Once your feet are in the right position, take your right hand, wrap it around your opponent’s waist and move your hips so that they are on your opponent’s lower thigh. Once is this position, you can use your opponent as a fulcrum. Bend forward and straighten out your legs to take your opponent’s weight on top of you. Finally, turn your head and shoulders so they are facing the mat whilst bending at the waist.

3. Okuri Ashi Barai

The Okuri Ashi Barai is a two-foot sweep throw. It’s executed by sweeping your opponent’s legs out from underneath them. Start off by standing half a step to the side of your opponent, then grab your opponent’s sleeve with your left hand and push your right hand down on their chest. As you do this, step to the side and sweep your left foot under your opponent to get them on the floor.

4. Tai Otoshi

The Tai Otoshi is a hand throw that generates lots of power with minimal contact. It’s one of the hardest techniques to master. It mainly relies on timing rather than lifting and the power comes from a fast rotation motion, where your opponent is thrown to the floor. This throw is executed by putting your opponent off balance by pulling them in a forward direction and spinning your body to the left by extending your right leg in front of their right foot. From there, you need to pull down on your opponent’s body and bring it forward over their own legs to end the throw.

5. Hane Goshi

The Hane Goshi throw involves pulling your opponent hard towards your side so they’re on your hip and then swinging them round using your leg so they hit the floor.

To start this throw, you need to make sure your opponent has their right foot forward. Once they’re in that position, step in the middle of their feet with your left foot, making sure you put your heel down first. As you do this, your foot should be pointing in the same direction as your opponent’s right foot. From there, make sure you keep your buttocks firmly against your opponent’s abdomen and move the outside of your right leg so it’s touching the inside of your opponent’s right leg.

From there, rotate your body forwards and to the left, then lift your opponent onto your hip. When you start to feel their weight come off their leg, lift it with your leg, bounce your opponent up and use the pull of both arms to throw your opponent to the ground.

6. Harai Tsurikomi Ashi

The Harai Tsurikomi Ashi, also known as the left pull foot sweep, involves destabilising your opponent with a lifting motion and using your leg to sweep their leg out from underneath them. To execute this throw, wait until your opponent drives towards you and then grasp the side of their collar with your lifting hand. Then, grab the middle of the sleeve on their opposite side with your pulling hand (if the middle of the sleeve area can’t be grasped, use both sides of the collar).

Once in the hold position, advance towards your opponent, forcing them to take a step back. As they do this, step forward and pull your opponent towards you; once their weight shifts to the opposite foot, use your pulling hand and lifting hand to throw your opponent into the front corner. As you’re pulling them down, use your foot to sweep and strike their outer ankle area; then, after the sweep, twist their body and throw them to the ground.

7. Utsuri Goshi

The Utsuri Goshi is a hip shift throw, used as a counter-attack against the Koshi Waza. When your opponent attempts the throw, wrap your arms behind and around your opponent’s waist and grasp their opposite side. Then, lower your hips and bend your knees so you can position your opposition’s knees behind you and spin them around so they’re now against your back. This move will prevent your opponent from using their knees to spring off you.

From there, shift your opponent’s weight towards the front and, with the arm you’ve still got wrapped around their waist, shift them onto your hip and launch them forward. When executing the throw, remember to straighten your knees so you can use your spring force to complete the throw.

8. O Guruma

The O Guruma throw consists of a leg sweep which leaves your opponent on the ground through a rotational motion. To start this throw, grab your opponent’s sleeve by the armpit with your pulling hand; then, with your lifting hand, grab the side of their collar. As you do this, turn sideways to destabilise your opponent and swing your side leg around from the front so you can strike them on their supporting leg.

Aim to hit them between their thigh and abdomen. Using both pulling and lifting hands, bring your opponent towards the front corner and twist your body to throw them in a rotational motion towards the floor.

9. Ushiro Goshi

The Ushiro Goshi throw is a back-hip throw. It consists of grabbing your opponent in a bear hug, lifting them and then throwing them down using their stomach. To start this throw, your opponent will need to be attempting a Waza throw; from this, you will need to pull them forward with both hands whilst also taking a step forward.

When your opponent is standing in front but facing away from you, bend your knees and grab them by the collar with your pulling hand. Then, pull them backwards and to your side, and as you do this, extend your legs and lean backwards slightly, pulling them backwards onto the floor.

10. Ura Nage

The Ura Nage, also known as the Rear Throw, is executed by picking your opponent up around their stomach, falling backwards onto the floor with them and then throwing them over your shoulder.

This throw is carried out when your opponent attacks. When your opponent grabs the back of your collar, grab the back of theirs and then hug them with both arms. Next, shift your weight in a backwards direction and pull your opponent onto your stomach. With this, use the spring in your knees to throw your opponent around and behind you.

If you’re a beginner, please don’t attempt these Judo throws without a qualified instructor to show you how! This will help to avoid injury and stop you picking up bad habits.


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