Blitz Wall Pad & Kick Shield Review


When your goal is to become a better fighter you need to use all the right training tools. That does not only include a pair of boxing gloves and a mouthguard. You need to also use a heavy bag, maybe a grappling dummy, and focus mitts.

Similar to the focus mitts, a kick shield will help you hone your kicking skills and improve your power. Today, we are reviewing two great products sent to us – the Blitz Vortex kick shield and the Blitz square punch wall pad.

What is a Wall Pad and a Kick Shield?

As we already stated, a kick shield is a type of training tool used for a lot of combat sports that include kicking.

They are usually a piece of equipment made of durable and thick material and are used with a training partner who holds the shield while you are punching and kicking it.

Utilizing kick shields is a great way to really develop your kicks and better your skills.

wall pad is a tool very similar for its purpose to a heavy bag. However, the difference is that you attach it to a wall and you are ready to do. It can’t really replace a good heavy bag workout but it is a really nice addition for your home, for example.

Also, it has some pros over the heavy bag such as it is more stable and you can punch as hard as you can without worrying that the heavy bag will swing. That way you can really develop your punching power, accuracy, and coordination.

Blitz Vortex Kick Shield


  • Pre-curved strike area for shock absorption
  • 4 handles for a comfortable training
  • 58cm length x 44cm width x 13cm depth
  • Nama Hide leather

Durability and Design

This kick shield really impresses with its heavy-duty construction and obvious durability.

Kick shields are made with the idea that they will withstand the hardest strikes which are kicks and knees. This product really lives up to the expectations.

Inside the synthetic leather of the Vortex, you will find a high-density foam that is designed to absorb impact from strong shots.

We also must note a unique feature that not many kick shields have. The pre-curved strike area is an absolutely great addition and it really absorbs the strikes pretty well.

This is a very important thing, especially for your partner who is going to hold the shield for you.

The stitching is done pretty well and it has no signs of defects or anything like that.

At the back of the shield, you have 3 handles for different positions needed for different techniques.

You also have one handle at the top and an additional handle so you can carry it around.

Quality and Price

At the time of the review, the Vortex kick shield cost around £62.99 which is around 80$. Pretty fair price for this kind of product.

The quality is top-notch, the shield is durable, comfortable to use and looks great. The synthetic leather looks and feels good and it is easy to clean and maintain

Blitz Square Punch Wall Pad


  • Square heavy-duty punch wall pad
  • High-density padding for shock absorption
  • Durable material
  • Four eyelets to hold in place
  • 30cm x 30cm x 10cm

Durability and Design

The first thing you notice when you take a look at this wall pad is its simple and clean design. It looks and feels really good. It is made from Nama Hide leather which is a synthetic leather trademarked by Blitz.

We made a couple of tests and the material is really easy to maintain and clean which is always a good thing when it comes to training equipment.

The stitching is done really nice and it has no visible defects.

In addition, the simple fact that this wall pad will be attached to a wall helps a lot with its longevity. When you attach it to a wall it is not going anywhere.

However, make sure to attach it to a strong wall. While the pad is durable we can’t guarantee for the wall especially if you are a heavy puncher.

Quality and Price

As we already stated, the quality of this product is great and it can really help you with some aspects of your combat sports training. The only disadvantage of the wall pad is that it can be used only for punching.

However, that is why in this article we are going to review a kick shield so we can take care of your kicking skills as well.

The price of this square punch wall pad at the time of the review is £38.99 which is around 48$.

So a pretty decent price point for a high-quality product that we bet will last you a long long time.


In conclusion, we would like to say that if you are looking to improve your skills as a martial artist then these products may serve you well.

They have the needed quality at an affordable price and could be a great addition to your training tools, even in your home.

So check them out and enjoy training!

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A big thank you to our friends at Fighter Culture for taking the time to review our brand new products and giving us a detailed insight in the pros, cons and features of the Blitz Wall Pad and Kick Shield. For more reviews on Martial Arts equipment, please visit

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