An Interview With: Owen Livesey


Owen Livesey, 2014 Commonwealth Champion, 2017 European Cup Silver Medallist and holder of several World Cup medals, continues to compete at the highest level, representing Great Britain in Judo around the globe.

We sat down with the 2020 Tokyo Olympic hopeful, Owen Livesey, a truly dedicated and technically brilliant all round Judo Champion, to get to know our Blitz ambassador a little better.

1. How did you get into/who introduced you to your Martial Art?
I got into Judo/Martial Arts from playing Rugby League. My dad took me along to Judo as he thought it would help with rugby.

2. How long have you been practicing your Martial Art?
I have been doing Judo for 18 years now.

3. Who or what was your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is to get an Olympic medal and this inspires me every day.

4. What separates you from every other Martial Artist in your discipline?
I like to think my work rate and my consistency because I work hard every single day. When I have a tournament, I am ready.

5. What have you achieved in your Martial Art?
5-time British Champion, Commonwealth Champion and 8 World Cup Medals.

6. What is your proudest moment of your career, so far?
The proudest moment of my career is winning the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

7. What would you say are your biggest strengths?
I turn up in good condition every time. Therefore, I’m physically strong and I go out to throw.

8. What would you say is an area of weakness, if any?
I don’t think I have any weaknesses as we have all lost. You learn and crack on.

9. What does your training schedule consist of?
My training schedule consists of 13 sessions from Monday to Friday. 5 strength and conditioning, 4 technical, 3 Randori (sparring) and 1 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

10. What are your goals for the future?
My goal for the future is to get an Olympic medal in Tokyo.

11. Do you have any words of advice to anyone wishing to take up a Martial Art?
Discipline, work consistently hard, every week, not one and miss a few. What you want will come.

12. Do you have any words of advice for those who already practice a Martial Art?
I’ll say, same as the last question. Also, I think keep working as hard as you can, know what you need to improve, never stop learning and believe.

13. What are your plans in the upcoming months?
I am fighting in the Croatia Grand Prix this coming Saturday and the Dutch Grand Prix in November. After that, I’ll finish the year with a training block in Japan and the British Championships in Sheffield.

I am now running a personal training business, while helping to fund my competitions for the Olympic Qualification next year. I’m up to 11 clients now and this is alongside my full-time training schedule. I’d like to take on a few more clients and build up my Bootcamp on Saturdays, that I started last week.

14. How do you divide your time between training and teaching?
If I do not compete at weekends, I have a lot of spare time to see clients. I train people early morning throughout the week, before training my own training, and between sessions during the day. When I am away, full-time athletes I train and live with, happily step in to cover, making sure my clients consistently get what they want.

15. Tell us more about your business, Livesey Personal Training.
My business is still fresh. The main reason for me starting this business was to help fund my Olympic Qualification. However, I am really starting to enjoy my work now and it’s something I’m looking at building and continuing long term.

My clients see many results and gains from their training. I have just had a website made, which I update, and there is also a blog on there too. All PT information is on there as well as Bootcamps.

All clients that work with me have access to nutritional support from ‘Physiques Training and Nutrition’. Physiques work with myself to get my weight down for tournaments. They also work with Professional boxers, UFC athletes and are now in contract with the ‘ACB Fight League’ Russian MMA Promotion.

In addition, my Bootcamps are being sponsored by Time4 Nutrition who will be providing high quality supplements which will be available at a very reasonable price for clients after they finish their session on a Saturday.

16. What are your thoughts on our Master Heavyweight Judo Gi?

In my experience, the Blitz ‘Heavyweight’ Gi has been great and, more than, served a purpose. I train every single day and our kits get battered, day in, day out. The Heavyweight Gi has always kept its size throughout and still looks the same now, as when I first received it.

Finally, I just want to thank Blitz for their amazing help since, Blitz have provided me with Judo Gi’s and clothing for training; and, they have all been second to none. They have also provided me with medicine balls, boxing gloves, skipping ropes and Battle Ropes. I use all these products for my personal training work and bootcamps. Every bit of it is quality so, I can’t fault it.

Instagram: owenlivesey

Twitter: @LiveseyJudo81

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