2022 Commonwealth Games: Judo Results



An incredible opening day of Judo for the home nations at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games! The home nations brought home eight medals – one gold, three silver and four bronze.

GOLD: Ashley McKenzie

Team England’s Ashley McKenzie progressed through his opening round contest defeating Sandor-Abdullah Iddris (GHA), throwing his opponent for ippon in the opening exchange. McKenzie then went on to defeat Scotland’s Dylan Munro in the quarter finals by a waza-ari score. Ashley McKenzie ensured it would be an all-England final with victory against second seed Joshua Katz (AUS) in the semi final, with a waza-ari score enough to see him progress.

The all-English final for the -60kg category ended in McKenzie’s favour. With two wazaris (ippon) laats and a counter, Sam Hall took the silver medal. Whilst, Ashley McKenzie defended his Commonwealth Champion position taking gold.

SILVER: Sam Hall

In the -60kg competition, Team England’s Sam Hall defeated Isamaela Solomon (NRU) in the second round by waza-ari awasete ippon, following an opening-round bye. Hall then faced Wales’ Dan Rabbitt for a place in the semi finals with, Hall applying an arm lock in the opening exchange to progress. Same Hall later defeated Petros Christodoulides (CYP) by a hold down to book his place in the final.

The all-English final for the -60kg category saw Ashley McKenzie defeat Sam Hall. Hall claimed a well earned silver medal.

SILVER: Finlay Allen

In the -66kg category, Team Scotland’s Finlay Allan defeated Mauro Nassone (MOZ) with a strangle, to progress to the quarter finals. Allan then defeated second seed Steven Mungandu (ZAM) by ippon score. Before victory against Jasleen-Singh Saini (IND) saw him book his place in the final to face Georgios Balarjishvili (CYP). Finlay Allan lost by wazari, drop seio nagi; however, claimed a well deserved silver medal for his fantastic efforts.

SILVER: Açelya Toprak

Team England’s Acelya Toprak defeated Scotland’s Malin Wilson in their second round contest, following an opening round bye. Victory progressed Toprak to the semi finals. An impressive victory against Christianne Legentil (MRI) booked Toprak’s place in the final to face Canada’s Christa Deguchi. In the final of the -57kg category, Toprak narrowly missed out to Deguchi, who won by ippon.

BRONZE: Nathon Burns

Team Northern Ireland’s Nathon Burns defeated Patrick Edwin (NGR) with a 20-second hold down for ippon score in the -66kg category. Later, Burns was defeated by Jasleen-Singh Saini (IND) which, saw him progress to the Repechage. Victory against second seed Steven Mungandu (ZAM) booked his place in the bronze medal contest against Scotland’s Alex Short.

Another home nations battle in the men’s -66kg category, saw Northern Ireland’s Nathon Burns foot sweep for ippon, defeating Alex Short for a well earned bronze medal.

BRONZE: Malin Wilson

Scotland’s Malin Wilson beat Kamini-Sri Segaran (MAS) in her first round clash. She was later defeated by England’s Acelya Toprak in their second round contest. Wilson progressed to the Repechage. In the bronze medal contest, Malin Wilson – who defeated Qona Christie (NZL) – was up against England’s LeLe Nairne in the -57kg category. The contest went the distance and beyond, going into over 7 minutes of Golden Score. Wilson won the fascinating contest after Nairne was given three shidos leading to a disqualification.

BRONZE: Amy Platten

Team England’s Amy Platten defeated Katryna Esposito (MLT) in the quarter finals following an opening-round bye. Defeat to Geronay Whitebooi (RSA), progressed Platten to the bronze medal contest to face Harriet Bonface (MAW). In the -48kg bronze medal match, Platten won by ippon in 15 seconds with Uchi mata, claiming her first Commonwealth Games medal!

BRONZE: Yasmin Javadian

In the -52kg category, Northern Ireland’s Yasmin Javadian had an opening-round bye. Later, Javadian defeated Charne Griesel (RSA) to progress to the semi finals. Defeat to Tinka Easton (AUS) saw Javadian compete in the bronze medal contest against Jacira Ferreira (MOZ) which, she clinched with a wazari score.


Another very strong showing for our home nation Judokas at the Coventry Arena on the second day of contests. The home nations brought home six medals – two gold, one silver and three bronze.

GOLD: Lachlan Moorhead

England’s Lachlan Moorhead took on Fatai Muritala (NGR) in his first-round -81kg contest. After four minutes of golden score time, Fatai Muritala was disqualified after being given three shidos handing Moorhead the win. He later won his quarter final contest against Uros Nikolic (AUS), with an arm lock in golden score, despite being two shidos down.

Lachlan Moorhead then went on to book his place in the final, after defeating Canada’s Mohab Elnahas in an impressively tight contest. Both athletes had a waza-ari score, but Moorhead closed the fight with ko-ouchi gake for ippon. In the Gold medal contest, Moorhead was up against Francois Gauthier Drapeau (CAN). Two waza-aris with drop tai-toshi for Moorhead secured him the gold and his first Commonwealth Games medal!

GOLD: Dan Powell

In the first contest of the men’s -73kg category, England Judo’s Dan Powell beat Andrew Munnings (BAH) with two waza-aris with sodi. Powell won his quarter final contest against Narciso Matos (MOZ) after a hold down for ippon. He then progressed to the semi final to face Jake Bensted (AUS). Powell threw Bensted with laats for ippon in the semi final and booked his place in the gold medal contest. Dan Powell had a chance to take Commonwealth gold in the final of the -73kg category which, he clinched with an ippon score defeating Faye Njie (GAM).

SILVER: Gemma Howell

After a first round bye, England’s Gemma Howell was up against Wales’ Jasmine Hacker-Jones. After a hold down for ippon, Howell took the win and progressed to the -63kg semi-final to face Katharina Haecker from Australia. Howell went on to win her semi final contest by making Haecker submit with a strangle.

The -63kg final would see Canada’s Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard and England’s Gemma Howell fight for gold. In a close fight and with two shidos each, the Canadian prevailed with an armlock three minutes into golden score and snatched the gold.

BRONZE: Jasmine Hacker-Jones

After a first round bye, Wales’ Jasmine Hacker-Jones was up against England’s Gemma Howell. After a hold down for ippon Howell took the win. Heading into the final block, it was Wales’ Jasmine Hacker-Jones on the mat first in the -63kg bronze medal contest. With a waza-ari each, Hacker-Jones countered with a foot sweep for a second waza-ari to win the fight and claim bronze.

BRONZE: Jemima Yeats-Brown and BRONZE: Kelly Petersen-Pollard

In the -70kg category, England had both Kelly Petersen-Pollard and Jemima Yeats-Brown fight for bronze medals. Petersen-Pollard was up against Joy Oluchi Asonye (NGR) who dominated the fight, taking advantage of a drop to the floor with a strangle for ippon to then claim the first -70kg bronze medal.

It was a battle of the nations for the second -70kg bronze medal. Jemima Yeats-Brown against Northern Ireland’s Rachael Hawkes saw Yeats-Brown control the fight and finish with sangaku for ippon.


The third and final day of the Judo competition at the 2022 Commonwealth Games saw the heavyweights looking to add to the medal tally. After two days of medal success for the four home nations, another seven medals were claimed – three gold, one silver and three bronze.

GOLD: Jamal Petgrave

England’s Jamal Petgrave won his opening fight in the -90kg quarter-final against Marius Metois (VAN). He then went on to fight Thomas-Laszlo Breytenbach (RSA) in the semi final where, he won with two waza-aris for ippon and moved on to fight for gold. Jamal Petgrave later hunted down his first Commonwealth medal when, he was up against Remi Feuillet (MRI). Petgrave controlled the fight, taking it to golden score, and secured gold with a waza-ari score.

GOLD: Emma Reid

In the women’s -78kg category, it was a home nations battle between England’s Emma Reid and Rachel Tytler from Scotland. Reid won the quarter final contest with a throw with waza-ari and a hold down for ippon to progress to the semi final. Reid later won her semi-final contest against Moira De Villiers (NZL) and booked her place in the final.

The battle for gold saw England’s Emma Reid against Wales’ Natalie Powell. In an incredible close contest, Reid clinched the gold medal with a waza-ari score.

GOLD: Sarah Adlington

In the women’s +78kg category, Scotland’s Sarah Adlington dominated her quarter-final contest with a throw for ippon against Dianah Kana (KEN). Adlington later beat Abigail Paduch (AUS) in the semi final. She then went on to fight Tulika Maan from India in the battle for gold, which she secured with an amazing waza-ari score.

SILVER: Natalie Powell

Team Wales’ Natalie Powell won her opening round contest in the -78kg category against Franceska Agathe (MRI) with ippon. Powell later won her semi final contest with two waza-aris against Canada’s Coralie Godbout, to fight in the -78kg final. In a close final contest, England’s Emma Reid clinched the gold medal with a waza-ari score and Powell claimed an impressive silver.

BRONZE: Rachel Tytler

After losing her quarter-final contest against England’s Emma Reid, Scotland’s Rachel Tytler went on to win her repechage round against Hayley Mackey (NZL) to fight for bronze. Drawing Coralie Godbout (CAN), the quick-lived contest went in Tytler’s favour when, she threw the Canadian for ippon.

BRONZE: Rhys Thompson

England’s Rhys Thompson won his first round contest against Isaac Bezzina (MLT) in the -100kg category. He later moved on to fight Australia’s Kayhan Ozcicek-Takagi. Thompson went down a waza-ari in the quarter final. However, clinched on to win after his opponent was handed three shidos.

Thompson missed out on the chance to fight for gold after losing his semi final contest against Canada’s Kyle Reyes. However, he drew Fiji’s Tevita Takayawa for the chance to win a bronze medal. Rhys Thompson’s impressive performance secured the bronze medal with an o-goshi for ippon.

BRONZE: Harry Lovell-Hewitt

Team England’s Harry Lovell-Hewitt was drawn against Victor Ahiavor (GHA) in his first round contest which, he had no trouble winning. In the quarter finals, Lovell-Hewitt faced India’s Deepak Deswal. Lovell-Hewitt controlled and won the fight after, the Indian Judoka was handed three shidos. Later in the semi final, Lovell-Hewitt faced Canada’s Shady Elnahas where, he lost out on the chance to fight for gold.

Harry Lovell-Hewitt’s bronze medal contest was a very strong and measured fight against Australia’s Kayhan Ozcicek-Takagi. Lovell-Hewitt was awarded a fantastic bronze medal after his opponent was handed three shidos.

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