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Nominate your #BlitzHeroes

Blitz is very proud to announce the launch of Blitz Heroes to show our appreciation to those at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis that we are currently facing as a nation.

Every week, for the next four weeks, Blitz will be rewarding five Blitz Heroes with a surprise gift to say a big thank you for the amazing work they have done.

Heroes can be of all ages. They sometimes wear a uniform but, they can also be ordinary people doing extraordinary things – whether it’s working on the front line as part of the NHS or, going above and beyond to help their local community. Our aim is to recognise and celebrate these heroes’ remarkable acts of kindness.

Follow the links to nominate your hero on Facebook or Instagram. Name or tag your nomination in the comments of our latest post and, telling us why they are #BlitzHeroes.

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