Eat to Beat Winter Flu


With the cold weather returning with a vengeance, so are winter colds and flu. Don’t let sickness interrupt your Martial Artstraining by eating these bug-busting foods:


Bananas are often recommended to help reduce sickness and nausea as they stimulate the production of mucus in the stomach, which protects it from the acid that makes you queasy. The yellow fruit are also a good source of potassium and vitamin C, which can help to restore electrolytes lost through diarrhoea or vomiting.


Within reason, of course! UK Research has shown that dark chocolate contains an ingredient that can reduce nerve sensitivity in the throat. Dietician Gina Sunderland suggests that “two ounces of dark chocolate pack the same punch as a dose of strong cough medication”.

Chicken Soup

It’s not a myth. Chicken soup can actually help beat a cold. The steam produced can help to unblock sinuses and chicken is high in protein which boosts energy. Adding vegetables can help to increase antioxidant levels as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory.


Garlic contains Allicin; a natural decongestant and antibiotic which can help to boost your immune system. Garlic loses most of these health-boosting properties when cooked at a high temperature so, add it into a soup or cook it last when preparing your meal.


Omega-3 fats found in fish are shown to boost the production of flu-fighting immune cells. Shellfish such as Oysters and Crabs are high in Selenium which boosts production of the body’s immune cells, Cytokines.

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