High Protein Diet On A Low Budget


One of the most frustrating things for anyone taking part in sports where strength is important, is the cost of protein. This applies to most people who practice Martial Arts, and whether you are looking to bulk up or build strength, protein will form a key part of your diet.

However, with food costs at an all time high, the majority of people can’t afford to splash out on multiple chicken breasts each day or a new pack of protein supplement every few weeks. So, what steps can you take to keep your protein intake high while keeping your protein spend low?

Use Everything

Are you one of these people who tends to buy chicken breasts rather than whole chickens? Breast meat, while preferred by most due to the quality of the meat, is a more expensive way of buying chicken and the cost per kilo is a lot higher than if you buy whole chickens. Next time you go shopping, consider buying a whole chicken and with a bit of culinary experimenting, you’ll see just how far it will stretch.

Buy In Bulk

Make the most of supermarket offers on meat, and buy chicken breasts in larger packs and pop them in the freezer. Be careful not to let anything go to waste, there’s nothing that will hurt your budget more than wasted food, but most meat will keep well in the freezer and can be defrosted as and when you need it.

Shop Late

Have you ever been to a 24 hour supermarket just before midnight? If not then consider stopping in next time you’re out late. Meat products all have strict sell-by dates, and if it’s not sold then it has to be thrown away. Supermarkets prefer to make a bit of money by selling food cheaply than making no money by throwing it away, and as the day draws to an end you can find some fantastic bargains on all sorts of meat and fish. Just because it’s past its sell-by date, it’s usually well within its use-by date and so you can enjoy great meals for less, just by changing when you go shopping.

Consider Other Food

Meat and Martial Arts supplements aren’t the only way to get your desired level of protein. Foods like Quinoa (a type of seed), real Greek yoghurt and raw nuts are fantastic sources of protein and cost substantially less per gram of protein than meat and supplements.

Refocus Your Budget

Do you really need that expensive desert? Is that 6-pack of beer really necessary? Can you live without the magazine that you pick up at the checkout? There are plenty of things to do before you get to adjusting your budget, but as a last resort you can cut back a little on a few of the things that you buy and you’ll suddenly find that you’ve got a decent amount to spend on protein-rich products. Think carefully and shop sensibly.

Most importantly, make sure you’re eating the right balance of food, and never compromise the quality of your food for a few grams of extra protein. However, by following these simple tips you can easily and efficiently maintain a high protein diet on a tight budget, and when applied in conjunction with using Martial Arts fitness equipmentyou can achieve the results you desire.

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