Christmas Gift Ideas for Martial Artists


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Blitz, with our brand new 2022 Christmas Shop! Browse all of our gift ideas for the Martial Arts enthusiast in your family or your fitness fanatic friend. We have something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a stocking filler or a special gift, our collections are designed for all ages, abilities and disciplines.

Gift Ideas for Children

Do you have Martial Arts mad children and would like some gift ideas for this Christmas? Browse our kid’s collection for some inspiration! Our range of children’s uniformspads and Martial Arts essentials are designed to push your children, or the students in your class, to their limit. At Blitz, we pride ourselves on the quality and safety of our children’s equipment; so, don’t forget to take a look at our kid’s Martial Arts product range today!

Gift Ideas for Martial Artists

After a year of intense training, our huge range of uniforms, suits and gis are a fantastic gift for an instructor, training partner or student. Our suits are designed for a variety of Martial Arts disciplines, from Karate and Judo, to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu; and are available in multiple sizes, weights and styles too.

Why not commemorate and celebrate a Martial Arts journey, with our collection of belt displays? Our displays are a very thoughtful gift for those that wish to showcase their achievements and progression through a respective Martial Art, with options to hang these customisable displays on a wall or place on a shelf.

Looking for a stocking filler? We have you covered! Attack, defend or protect with our traditional wood and metal weapons or, experiment using our newest foam and plastic practice training aids! Or, browse our latest accessories that include first aid equipment, club essentials and small, multipurpose gifts.

Gift Ideas for Fighters

At Blitz, you’ll find a selection of equipment to enhance your physique, improve your stamina and push the students in your class to their limit. Whether competing, training, or coaching, developing your agility with our equipment will enhance balance, coordination, reflexes, speed and strength; ultimately making you a more competent all-round fighter.

Ideal for club use, heavy pad work and competitions, we offer a huge collection of gloves in a number of colours, materials and designs for multiple Martial Arts disciplines. Each glove option considers important features required by Martial Artists such as, a lightweight fit, additional padding to reduce the risk of injury on impact and, wrap around wrist straps for further support.

Minimise the risk of injury and train in confidence with Blitz’s Martial Arts sparring gear and protectives, allowing both you and your opponent to practice with the ultimate protection. Safety is crucial when participating in any full contact sport or Martial Arts discipline which, is why we stock an extensive collection of protective gear and equipment for all ages and abilities. 

Gift Ideas for Fitness Fanatics

In time for Christmas, browse our expanding fitness collection. Our newest additions of resistance bands are a great stocking filler!

Enhance your physique, build power, improve your stamina, burn calories and strengthen your core with the Blitz fitness range. Whether training for your next fight or pushing the students in your class to their limit, our range of resistance and speed training equipment will assist with maximising your workout.

Personalise Your Belt – Embroidery Services

The perfect gift for instructors, training partners or students, personalise your Martial Arts belt and accessories with our in-house embroidery services. At Blitz, we understand how important your belt and accessories are, as a reminder of your Martial Art’s journey and an indication of your current grading. This is why our Personalised team will design and embroider your customised product to the highest quality.

If you’re an aspiring Martial Artist progressing through the ranks, browse our student belts where we can embroider on all grade colours and belt sizes. Or, if you’re an accomplished black belt, check out our black belt design choices to add a special touch to your well earned belt.

We are continuing to expand our service to other Personalised products too. Take a look at this section every so often to keep up to date with all we have on offer! Our team can’t wait to add a special touch to your gift!

And Much, Much More…

Browse to shop our ever-expanding Martial Arts and fitness collections to find the ideal gift this winter. Whatever Martial Art you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered this Christmas!

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