The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

8 Aug, 2018

As a parent who’s considering Martial Arts for your children, at the beginning you may not be aware of the full range of benefits this practice offers. It is only through time and experience that you’ll start to understand that Martial Arts is not just a way to get kids in shape – it is a path of mental, relational and personal development that surpasses the realms of regular sports.

For children especially, the path of Martial Arts can be invaluable. Childhood and teenage years are when young people are most vulnerable and having a reliable practice that supports them and teaches them self-defence can make the difference between feeling lonely and confused, or confident and connected.

Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Although this path comes with many rewards for your children that you might not have initially expected, the health benefits are probably what motivated you to consider it in the first place. And, indeed, they are considerable. In Martial Arts class, the kids will start off with warm-ups consisting of jumping jacks, muscle stretches, kicks and grips, and this strengthening of the muscles and cardiovascular system continues into the actual practice.

What’s more, most Martial Arts classes will start with some moments of quiet reflection to rest the mind and prepare it for the upcoming combat. Meditation has been proven to have long-lasting health benefits that can help kids, even if it’s only done for a few moments a day.

Psychological Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial Arts practice often provides children with long-lasting friendships and a sense of community and belonging. For young ones who are still trying to figure out their identity, it can be of great help throughout those awkward teenage years. Martial Arts are for everyone, from confident kids to the shy and introverted – with their teacher’s guidance, each one will adopt values of respect, compassion and patience for all human beings.

For children who have trouble concentrating, Martial Arts are a great choice of practice as they are known to increase concentration and focus. This effect is largely attributed to the combination of mindfulness and exercise that they provide, whilst most team sports focus on exercise solely.

The structure of the classes promotes listening skills, attention to detail, responsibility and discipline, which are all life skills that will prepare your children for the realities of life. Most instructors will take a strict but soft-handed approach to interacting with their students, keeping their sense of self-worth intact whilst encouraging them to come prepared, participate and realise their maximum potential.

What’s more, Martial Arts are known to instil a sense of personal safety within kids, as it teaches them to defend themselves and their friends in case of attack. For children who are being bullied at school, this knowledge can make a crucial difference, not just to their physical safety but to their state of mind as well.

The Best Martial Arts for Kids

Although all forms of Martial Arts come with significant benefits, Blitz instructors especially recommend the following disciplines for kids:

Because all three of these Martial Arts rely heavily on timing, technique, discipline and patience, they are suited to students regardless of their strength, shape and size. Practiced when standing up, they help develop self-defence and confidence in everyday life whilst being ‘safer’ options for children than groundwork disciplines.

With Karate joining Judo and Taekwondo in the 2020 Olympics, all three of these disciplines are visible on television and are fun for young practitioners to watch. With clubs providing dedicated classes throughout the country, every family should be able to gain access to Karate, Judo and Taekwondo.

Are you convinced by the benefits of Martial Arts for children? Are they ready to take to the mat? Then it is time for them to tie that gi belt and start their practice at a Martial Arts school near you. Meanwhile, Blitz is your one-stop shop for reliable clothing and training gear. Happy training!


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