Top Training Aids for Indoor and Outdoor Exercise

Top Training Aids for Indoor and Outdoor Exercise

9 Jul, 2015

Now that summer has arrived, you might prefer to take your martial arts training regime outside in the open so you can enjoy the fresh air, breeze and sunshine.

Whilst some aspects of training are better kept inside, a whole host of fitness aids can be used outside too.

So to mix up your routine and keep training interesting and engaging, take a look at our top fitness aids for both indoor and outdoor exercise.

Indoor Exercise


Available in a range of weights, kettlebells are perfect for strengthening your core muscles, carrying out full-body conditioning and building power in your arms and chest.


You can also use them to improve your stamina and burn a large number of calories with a strict and intensive workout.

Start by standing on the mats in the gym, or at home and face a mirror so you can monitor and watch your technique in action. This will be particularly useful when you do squats with the kettlebell stretched out in front of you, as it will allow you to improve and develop your form.

Kettlebells from Blitz range from 4kg to 24kg, so take a look at our products and get started on building and enhancing those core muscles.

Medicine Balls

Another training aid that’s great for indoor exercise, preferably in front of the mirror to check your technique, are medicine balls.

Medicine Ball

Similar to kettlebells, medicine balls will help to improve your stamina and core strength and can be used as a training aid for sit-ups and leg, arm, back and chest workouts.

They’re also ideal for training on the mats, and you can use them when sitting, lying down, squatting and standing, making them a versatile training aid.

Blitz stocks four weight options in a genuine leather finish so that your medicine ball will last and act as the perfect training aid for you or the students in your class.

Outdoor Exercise

Next, we turn our attention to training equipment that’s suitable for outdoor use.

Running Parachute

If you want to work on your speed, resistance and power, a running parachute is the ideal training aid.

These are perfect for using outside as you can run up to 200 metres, developing and enhancing your performance as you go.

Running parachute

Short bursts of between 10 and 200 metres can also be achieved with this training aid if you prefer to work on smaller and more intense bursts of exercise.

The Blitz running parachute is made from nylon and features a padded waist belt and carry bag for easy transportation.

Skipping Ropes

Make the most of the outdoor space and take your skipping rope out in the open to work on your cardio fitness.

Skipping is great for toning your muscles and burning calories. The ropes are easy to carry and take with you wherever you go, making them perfect for a spontaneous skip in your local park.

Take a look at skipping ropes available at Blitz and find the best one to match your height and individual preference.

Get Training!

Now that you’ve taken a look at some of the best training aids for indoor and outdoor exercise, it’s time to start working on your own routine.

Head for the gym, use a room in your home or take to the great outdoors to get started and reap the rewards of training hard.

If you want to view more training aids and fitness equipment, take a look at the Blitz site today.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us directly too.


Blitz, the UK’s leading supplier of premium and approved martial arts equipment. Whether you’re new to a specific martial arts discipline or an experienced professional, we stock an extensive range of products from top brands at competitive prices.


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