Blitz Weekly Workout: Week Seven

Blitz Weekly Workout: Week Seven

20 May, 2013
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Woodchop Throw

Blitz Ballz – Med Ball Work Out 

Trying to use a variety of equipment in our work outs or circuits to show you that you can train anywhere at any time. Don’t let easy excuses of time restraints or lack of a gym stop you.

This week’s work out all you need is a medicine ball.

Pti used 5kg med ball for the whole routine. You may feel that you can use a heavier ball for certain aspects of the work out if you have them available.

This work out can be completed with a partner or on your own. 


5 minute dynamic warm up and stretch


50 x woodchop throws. Stand side on to your partner or a wall. Front foot pointing forwards. Start with ball low at back foot lifting it up to the front and release throwing ball at partner/wall. Repeat alternating sides.

50 x med ball slams. Lift ball with both hands above hands over your head then slam it to the floor.

50 x Russian twists. Sit in the crunch position. Move the med ball from side to side keeping core centered.

50 x single arm throw/push. Stand in fighting Stance . use your back hand to throw the ball towards partner/wall. Repeat alternating stance.

50 x wall ball squat with the med ball and at the top of the squat throw the ball high against the wall.

40 x alternate arm med ball push ups

30 x half burpee with med ball. 4 point burpee.

50 x squats with med ball

30 x “V” sits with medball

40 x both hands on med ball push ups

Cool Down

Cool down and stretch out

Russian Twists


Med Ball Slams

Push Ups

“V” Sits

Let us know what you think…

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Workout created and practiced by Phillip Hollister, a qualified fitness professional for Blitz.


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  1. Jane says:

    Nice workout. One tip though: always do plenty of stretching before this exercise.

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