Blitz Weekly Workout: Week One

Blitz Weekly Workout: Week One

8 Apr, 2013

So here we are! Week One of the Blitz weekly workout…

Try to introduce these workouts into your week, aim to complete the full workout a couple of times throughout the week and try to beat your previous best time. Alternatively take snippets of this weeks work out and add it into your regular routines. These circuits are designed to be suitable for all levels of fitness, so please ensure that you use equipment with a weight suitable to you.

Remember to tweet @BLITZSPORT and let us know how you get on…


5 minute dynamic warm up and stretch


Complete 10 reps of each exercise and repeat 5 times through. Aim to beat your previous time but remember to not sacrifice form for speed.

10x Military Shoulder Press – Military press standing shoulder press with barbell.

10x Kettle Bell Swing – Using single Kettle Bells

10x Goblet Squats –  – Using the same kettle bell as squats. Keep close to your chest. Back straight.

10x Pull Up – Use an assisted machine if unable to complete full reps or lat pull down as alternative.

10x Burpee – Aim for a 5 point burpee

Cool Down

General stretch out to cool down the  muscles you have been working.


If you need a guide for how much weight you should be working with during these exercises, our qualified fitness instructor completed this circuit with the following weights:

Military Shoulder Press – 40kg

Kettle Bell Swings – 1x 20kg kettlebell

Goblet Squats – 1x 20kg kettlebell

Remember to keep your form throughout each exercise. Do not use a weight that is too heavy that it affects your form.

The last set of reps should be the hardest to complete, if you find that this isn’t the case then increase the weight.

Go that extra mile

If you are a little on the fitter side add in the following after your 5 minute warm up before completing the circuit training:

2 mile run

Tweet Us!
Feel free to tweet us your best time of the week @BLITZSPORT simply add #weeklyworkout at the end of your tweet!

Post your pictures on the Blitz Facebook page of you or your team taking part in the Blitz Blog first weekly workout.

Good Luck!

Military Shoulder Press

Kettle Bell Swing

Goblet Squat

Workout created and practiced by Phillip Hollister, a qualified fitness professional for Blitz.


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  1. Marly says:

    Good workout as referred by your PTI Phil Hollister

    I started it at 6.30am this morning with a 2 mile run.

    After the run I still felt half asleep. However, I decided to try and ‘blitz’ this workout. On paper it does not seem like an aweful lot however, do not be underestimated. After the 4th set you should really feel it.

    Look forward to next weeks workout.

    • Donna says:

      Hi Marly

      Thank-you very much for your comments. The workouts are a great edition to the Blitz Blog and although seem simple are aimed to improve your strength and fitness levels!
      Well Done for completing it! Hope to see you on Twitter and facebook – tweet @BLITZSPORT #weeklyworkout

      See you next week!

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